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7 Ways TCKs Lived ahead of the Digital Era

If you are a TCK, like me, who remembers growing up without the internet, you may have noticed some trends in people’s behavior online these days that aren’t so foreign to you. Here are 7 ways TCKs are ahead of the times before the advent of the digital age. 1. Sustaining Long Distance Relationships. Long…

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TCKs in the World of Faith

I write about TCKs and I write about faith. Today, I write about both at A Life Overseas. Our generation is in need of voices with storied backgrounds. TCKs who participate in a faith community are equipped to bring about a certain vitality and prophetic voice. They embody a different story to congregations with a single…

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Finding Your Niche – Guest Post

I am grateful to be contributing to a segment on the Communicating Across Boundaries blog called, “Finding Your Niche”. There, I talk bout how TCKs, despite our complicated background and struggle to belong, can live boldly into our callings. I say things like, We may not belong one hundred percent; but we can be one…

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TCKs and Tired Conversations

When the question is asked, “where are you from?” Most  people give a straightforward answer. TCKs tell really long winded stories involving our parents’ career choices with boring political/historical details. Then one of two things happen: 1) The person reacts with strong interest and curiosity and fires lots of questions. In my case, people often…

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Guest Post at Communicating Across Boundaries

Today I’m writing over at Communicating Across Boundaries. Marilyn Gardner graciously offered me a place at her blog to speak into the condition which plagues so many of us TCKs (Third Culture Kids): loneliness. Here’s what I say: It is difficult for me to even form these words because it is a painful truth:perhaps there is…

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