Ultimate Small Shop Review

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Ultimate Small Shop Book Review

Having a workshop is always beneficial in some way or the other and at any day it can only be of great help to you. Many people who wish to begin a small scale business would choose to construct a workshop of their own but may think of how much it can cost and what if it costs more than what they could afford for a workshop construction.

The truth is, you can now construct your own nominal and affordable workshop and it is not going to exceed the cost that you must have kept aside for your investment. Ultimate Small Shop guide is going to walk you through simple and conventional methods of how can you construct a cheap as well as a resourceful workshop of your own and benefit out of it. Read this review until the end to know how this guide works. 

What is Ultimate Small Shop?

The Ultimate Small Shop Guide: How To Set Up A Complete Shop On A Budget is a useful manual that helps you to construct a low-budget workshop of your own with less capital investment and simple efforts. Woodworkers who want to set up a new workshop of their own would love the concept of this guide as it has got all that they would want to build a simple and low-cost woodshop.

This book has been written by Raph Chapman who is a woodworker himself and as he has been in the profession he knows what can be more beneficial for this business and he has given good step by step instructions based on that. This book requires you to invest a total of just $1,000 to construct a beautiful woodshop and it also shows you the list of the best tools that you need to use also the links to buy them. You can get these tools at the lowest price possible. It has got floor plans and layout plans for setting up an 8′ 8′ workplace. 

How does it work?

This has got a total of six modules for you to construct your own workspace. 

Module 1:  Tool Section 

This tells you how to choose the perfect tools for your workspace. How to choose the handy tools to work with and how to keep them maintained in good condition. You will be shown a “my shortlist” where there will be a list of needed tools and the links to buy them at a low price. 

Module 2: Space Selection 

This shows you all the possible home workshop place and the pros and cons of it as well. You can get ideas of all sizes of workshops, be it large or tiny. And also setting up a woodworking shop in your garage, home spaces, apartment corners, basements and so on. 

Module 3: Shop Layouts 

This tells you how to use the available space efficiently in setting up a neat workshop. You get to have ideas about having perfect layouts and designs to construct your workspace. 

Module 4: Electricity, Lighting, and Sound Proofing 

You will know how to do the lighting and electricity for your workplace by having cheap but efficient circuits and also how to properly soundproof your workshop and this can reduce 50% sound coming from your workshop. 

Module 5: Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, and Dust

These are essential for any workplace and it is important that you have these facilities set before beginning to work at that place. This part tells you how to install these facilities with cheap yet effective products so that you will not be spending more money. 

Module 6: Workshop Safety

This part teaches you the way in which you can work safely in your workspace. You will know that 10 things that you need to work safely, how to avoid tripping over cables and also things that can make your workspace catch fire easily so that you can be aware of them. 

Ultimate Small Shop PDF DownloadPros:

  • You get to know how to construct your own affordable woodwork place. 
  • You will know the best tools that you need for your work and where can you get them at a low price.  
  • About different workplace designs and layouts from which you can choose the one that you want. 
  • You will know the nominal ways in which you can give electricity, proper lighting and soundproofing to your workplace. 
  • You will learn the safety measures that you need to follow inside a workshop to work safely. 
  • You will know how to give a proper supply of heat, ventilation and other necessities to keep you comfortable while working. 
  • You get to have a 60-day money-back guarantee. 


  • This guide is only available online and not in any stores. 


With the help of the Ultimate Small Shop guide, it is now easy for you to construct your own affordable workspace. It shows all that you need to know before setting up a workshop and also lets you arrange everything that you need at an affordable cost. You know how to ensure workshop safety and the things you need to follow in a workshop in detail. Get this guide now and build your own dream workshop at a low-budget like you always wanted. 

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